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About AptsChat.com Texting

At AptsChat, we follow a simple premise developed from the early 20th century writer E.M. Forster: Only Connect. This drives everything we do, as texting helps residents feel more connected to their homes, and property managers better connected to those who live in their properties. AptsChat makes your life easier, simpler, and more affordable. Our mobile experts will help you every step of the way in marketing, implementation, and execution of our services so you can feel more connected to your residents and to your properties.


Browse our Case Studies to learn how our clients have successfully used text messaging for marketing, communications, and more.


Read our Client Testimonials to learn why thousands of businesses continue to choose RDX Texting for their mass text messaging needs.


Visit the Developer Center to learn how to integrate text messaging into your own application or service.


Head over to our contact page to reach us.

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