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  • Plus

  • $49Month
  • 1,250 Messages

    MMS Enabled

    additional purchases

    4.5 cents/message


  • Select

  • $94Month
  • 2,500 Messages

    MMS Enabled

    additional purchases

    4.5 cents/message


  • Elite

  • $149Month
  • 4,000 Messages

    MMS Enabled

    additional purchases

    4 cents/message

Pricing FAQ

Is Free & really free?

Yes! And it’s also really easy. When using a Free & account for texting online, you gain access to all of the great features of Texting and can send up to 250 text messages per month at no cost!


Can I send more than 250 messages?

Absolutely. If you want to send more than 250 messages in a single month, you can upgrade to the Pay & Go plan, or choose the monthly plan that best meets your needs.


Free Incoming Messages

We do not charge you for incoming messages! When do you receive incoming text messages? When someone wants to join your list, they text your Keyword to one of our short codes (such as “313131”). They also can respond to any message that you send them.


Unlimited Contacts & Groups

Your Texting account has no limits when it comes to contacts and Groups.


What are Keywords?

Keywords allow your customers to join your SMS text messaging list by texting a word to a short code. The process is simple and you can try it yourself – text Joes to 313131. When a customer texts your keyword to our short code we’ll send your customized auto-response and we’ll add that person to your text messaging list.

Demo keywords are random letters and numbers that are assigned (e.g. “AptsChat.com3188428”). Every account comes with one free demo keyword. You can purchase a custom keyword (e.g. “PIZZA”) based on availability for $25/month on the Pay & Go plan; pre-paid plans include at least one custom keyword.


Bulk Discounts For Pay & Go Accounts

When you buy credits in bulk for your Pay & Go account, we’ll apply the following discounts:

Number of Credits
20,000 – 40,000
40,001 – 60,000
60,001 – 100,000
Over 100,001

If you are on a monthly plan, all of your additional credit purchases are discounted at your plan’s rate.

How Do You Count The Messages I Send?

Each text is equal to one message to one phone number. If you were to send a message to 10 people, it would count as 10 texts.


We Support Canada Texting is proud to offer full bulk messaging support for all major Canadian cell phone carriers. Click here for Canadian pricing.

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

If you choose to upgrade to a monthly plan you can cancel that plan at any time. There are no contracts to sign and no obligations. Upgrade or downgrade whenever you like, even to Pay & Go.


Pre-Pay For A Year And Save 20%

While you’ll never sign a contract with Texting, if you pre-pay for a year, we’ll discount your monthly plan by 20%. Call us at (800) 753-5732 for a pre-paid discount.


Free Human-Powered Support

We know how frustrating it can be when you need assistance and it’s impossible to reach a real live human being — which is why we’re here to help you via phone, chat and email. Phone and chat support are available every weekday from 6AM – 5PM Pacific.

Questions? Chat With Us Now!

Want to chat with a member of our team? Click to chat right now.
Want to talk on the phone? Give us a call at (800) 753-5732.


Plan Credits vs. Anytime Credits

If you are on the Pay & Go plan, the anytime credits you purchase will never expire. If you are on a monthly plan, your plan credits refresh every 30 days based on the date you started the monthly plan (not on the calendar month).