Dos and Don'ts of Business Texting -
Let AptsChat show you how to effectively use texting for your apartment marketing efforts.
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Dos and Don’ts of Business Texting

Texting for Your Apartment Marketing Efforts has never been easier!

Dos and Don’ts of Business Texting

In honor of AptsChat’s upcoming launch, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to use texting for your business, and how not to.

Texting Advice for Apartment Marketing

Texting, as a business marketing tool, has not been around for very long. Despite its youth, texting is one of the easiest and most successful tools in your back pocket as a  property manager, but it can be difficult to know how specifically to use texting within your business model. Isn’t that just something for pre-teens to communicate in emojis??

Well, done correctly, texting has numerous benefits and advantages over email or other forms of communication. People text more, respond more, and are eager to participate in business over phone. Why not market to someone using technology they keep in their back pocket all day long??

Let’s start with our DO’S: things you SHOULD be doing as a property manager when using texting.

Apartment Marketing Advice: how to text residents

DO Be Positive

Texting, as a rule, should be fun! The form is perfectly suited for you to show residents that you care, by staying upbeat. Feel free to use some exclamation points or even emojis, but don’t go too wild! Residents still want to feel like they’re talking with the genuine you. Be happy over texting, but not a cartoon.

Learn how to text residents with Apts Chat

DO First things first…phone or face-to-face!

Texting can help increase your leases by over 300% (yes! 300%!), but only if done well. A study found that after businesses had communicated with leads either over phone or in-person first, and followed up with a text message, the consumer was over 300% more likely to buy the product. What can we learn from this? Invite prospective residents to communicate with you over phone or tour first, and then collect their information.

It should also be said that consumer consent is important! Make sure they want to receive your texts first, and freely give their information.

Apartment Marketing 1010: Texting Residents

DO Keep it short

Texting should be brief, a reminder of scheduled maintenance or an invitation for prospective leads to check out your new website. If you have a lot of things to communicate to your residents, it’s best to email or call them. Many networks restrict the amount of characters you can fit into a text, and you don’t want your information getting lost in multiple text messages. Take our advice, and keep it under 1,000 characters (ideally less).

Alright! Those are our DO’s. What about some DON’TS? We’ve also compiled a few things you SHOULD NOT do when texting with residents.

As a property manager, learn how to text your residents

DON’T use a lot of abbreviations

How does this sound coming from a boss: Mak sur 2 do ur work b4 u leave!

Probably not very professional….so here’s the rule with texting: if you wouldn’t text it to an employee, don’t text it to a resident! Texting, although more informal, can still be a professional mode of communication. Treat it more like email! (without the headings). While you’re at it, cut back on the “lols” and “omgs” as well. Typing out what you need to say will be more clear to your residents anyway!

Learn how to text your residents for your apartment

DON’T deliver bad news

If you have some bad news to deliver your residents, or give out to prospective leads (perhaps the unit they wanted just got leased), stick to good old-fashioned phone calls or emails. These more formal methods of communication will work better for the mood. If you’re delivering information that will turn into a longer conversation, it will likely be easier over a different mode of communication.

Ready to try texting with your residents? Contact marketapts today for a FREE demo of Apts Chat, our latest product!

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